Business can be daunting.
Products and technology constantly change,

but human behaviour remains roughly constant.
People make decisions that run companies,
and companies sell products to people.
Many business owners are distracted by the technology of the day. We can show you how to stay focused on your customers. You can expect the best strategies from us, based on the latest research and data.

Simple & fast advice that has driven consistent success over decades of use, not fluffy business fads.

Effective consulting is not about the size of the consulting company,
it's about easily learning what you need to know.

Real and useful knowledge will be quickly transferred to you, one on one, to help establish your business independence;
● clear and simple reports to guide you
● effective and affordable assistance with transition and implementation
● referrals to the best specialist professionals when you need it

Easy task lists
and understandable game plans,
with fixed pricing in advance.

■ business experience spanning 40 years
■ over 30 years of consulting and mentoring
■ landmark achievements on the Web since 1993
■ we provide tools and answers that earn money

Who do we serve?
We have valuable insights and strategies for virtually any business; manufacturing, retail, technology, services, product design, biomedical, hospitality, software/hardware, AI, finance, research and business development.

What do you need help with?
count on us to quickly get to your goals